1000-lb. Sisters 3 10

1000-Lb Sisters 3 10

The conclusion of Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters leaves us asking a question. What will Tammy do? Can she go back to rehab? Will the sisters get along? We’ll have wait to see if the series is renewed. In the meantime, you can catch up on the show by watching the first two seasons. Then, you can make up your own mind. If you’re a fan of drama, you can watch 1000-lb Sisters 3 ten.

TLC’s “1000-lb Sisters,” a new season, premieres Monday, November 15, at 10 p.m. ET/7: p.m. PST. The show follows the lives and struggles of Amy and Tammy Slaton who are overweight, as well their journey to weight loss. The series follows their journeys from weight loss attempts to addiction rehab. It’s not a happy or easy road, but the sisters’ journey has helped many people, and they’re now on the road to success.

Amy and Tammy Slaton’s weight have become an obsession for fans of the show. The sisters’ videos have garnered attention and popularity online. Their Chubby Bunny video, for instance, has more than two million views. It’s no surprise, then, that the sisters have struggled with their weight. Amy’s extreme weight has had a negative impact on her mental and physical health. Her half-sister Tammy Slaton even attempted suicide.

Although Tammy’s journey has inspired many, it’s unclear whether she will be able to continue the show after her rehab stint. Although she is not yet at her target weight, she has made significant progress. Hopefully, she’ll reach her goal of losing another 100 pounds. It’s important to encourage Tammy to keep working on her weight loss. These ladies deserve your support!

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