1000 Lb Sisters Never Say Never

1000 Lb Sisters – Never Say Never

The most recent episode of reality TV show “1000 Lb Sisters”, was controversial. Although Tammy Slaton is only 650 pounds, fans and her family still feel her “clock” is ticking. In the episode, Tammy attended her nephew’s birthday party, but Amy and the sisters felt that she was putting herself in danger. Despite this, the sisters gathered to celebrate baby Gage’s birthday.

The Slaton sisters weigh more than a thousand combined. They have lived for years on food as their only source of sustenance. Amy, age 31, is desperate to have children, while Tammy, age 32, is one step away from being bedridden. Although it’s difficult to imagine two sisters so far along, this documentary offers hope for other overweight women. Its message is not one to give up on hope, but rather to take action and follow their dreams.

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