1000-lb Sisters There’s Something About Jerry

1000-Lb Sisters There’s Something About Jerry

Tammy’s boyfriend Jerry visits her for Halloween. Her sister Misty questions his intentions, and Amy is forced to face another weigh-in after her appointment with Dr. Procter. Is there anything about Jerry that will stop the sisters from falling for each other? Will Jerry’s presence make it harder for her sisters to lose weight?

Tammy Slaton’s infamously candid confessional session revealed that she was seeing Jerry two days before going to rehab. She explained that she was experiencing a “weakness” while she was seeing Jerry. She explained that she’d had a “weak moment” while talking to her sister Amy. In fact, the episode felt like a freak one.

Although they didn’t have any romantic ties when Tammy was transgender, Jerry supported her decision. His wife Kia Russell Rucker Sykes knew of his infidelity even before the show aired. Though Tammy and Jerry remained close after the reveal, the fans started questioning the sincerity of their relationship. Despite the drama surrounding their relationship, they’re still close and have an ongoing friendship.

On the show, the ex-wife of Jerry Sykes was criticized for quitting rehab early. She admitted that she was cheated on by Jerry when they were dating. But she wasn’t happy with the pay she received. Kia, now a stay at home mom, was raised in a homemaker role and misses the guidance from her mother.

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