1018 East Jackson Street Joliet

1018 East Jackson Street in Joliet, Illinois

1018 East Jackson Street is a great place to start your search for a home in Joliet. This property is located Joliet, Illinois and has a Walk Score 45 out of 100. This property has a very low walkability score, so most errands will require you to drive. You can still enjoy the park views and walk to many nearby attractions, including Ridgewood Park or Gottschlag Park.

A Will County Sheriff’s Sergeant has reported that the Will County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that took place at a residence at 1018 East Jackson Street in Joliet Township. According to the sergeant, more than a hundred people were fleeing the scene when he heard gunshots. He arrived at the scene to discover that the shooting had occurred in a backyard at 1018 E. Jackson. He also confirmed that over a dozen people were injured in the incident, including two adults, who were identified as Jonathan Ceballos and Holly Matthews. Four other people were taken to local hospitals with life-threatening injuries.

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