123 Spiderman 3

123 Spiderman 3 – The Origin of Venom

Spiderman is one of the most beloved comic book heroes. Venom is the new villain in this movie. Since its release, the newest Spider-Man movie has been a huge success. Although the movie had many positive aspects, some fans were disappointed by certain elements. The film lacked the excitement and humor of its predecessors. To address this problem, the film’s director, Sam Raimi, took the character into new territory and made a comic book that told the origin story of Venom.

The sequel to the comic book series is about Peter Parker’s adventures after saving Gwen Stacy. Peter finds the symbiote, which is still living, and convinces him to join forces with Venom in killing Spider-Man. Peter and Mary Jane embark on an adventure in Manhattan where they meet a group of masked criminals. Venom’s gang threatens Peter and Mary Jane as they explore the city. The movie’s climax sees Venom defeat Spider-Man and other villains.

The film also stars James Franco as the villain, Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn, who believes Peter Parker murdered his father. He transforms into the New Goblin and fights Peter Parker directly. James Cromwell plays Gwen’s father, Captain George Stacy. Rosemary Harris plays May Parker, Peter’s Aunt and the widow of Ben Parker. Peter Parker learns to forgive himself and his enemies by watching the film.

Peter Parker has plans to propose to Mary Jane Watson. But an extraterrestrial symbiote lands near him and follows him to his apartment. In the meantime, Harry Osborn seeks revenge by using Green Goblin technology and performance-enhancing gas. His plans are thwarted when his father is murdered. Flint Marko visits his sick daughter and becomes the Sandman. This is how Spider-Man 3’s plot comes together.

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