2pac Clothing

2Pac Clothing Celebrates Pride Month

TwoPac’s estate has launched a new clothing line highlighting June as Pride Month. The line features lyrics from TwoPac’s 1992 hit, “Changes” and features a stenciled version his face with rainbow lettering. The newest tee shirt from the hip-hop legend will be available for fans to wear. VFILES will sell the clothes, which will retail for $30-$200.

Both stores carry Tupac apparel in all sizes. You can also find Tupac hoodies and sweatshirts at Hot Topic. The collection also includes a 2Pac logo snapback hat and matching Nike Cortez Basic Nylon sneakers. These pieces will make a bold statement. You should own some Tupac clothing if you love Hip-Hop or Tupac’s music. It will make you feel proud and empowered and might inspire you to take on challenges.

Tupac’s iconic clothing has inspired many a designer. In 1996, Tupac walked down the Versace runway in Milan singing “California Love”. This song converted fashion-conscious ’90s Gothic’ fans. Tupac was also known for wearing Carhartt denim and Timberlands in Baltimore. This is where he gained his first fame. Tupac’s fashion sense was not the only thing that made him famous. He also used his fame to uplift the Black community.

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