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The Final Survivor Episode

The final episode of season three of Survivor was a mixed bag of greatness and lackluster mediocrity. Phillip and Rob were the most dominant players of all time, but most of their vote-offs were predictable. The twist on Redemption Island took the life out of an iconic Survivor moment. Overall, the season was a mixed bag, but the first three episodes were absolutely superb. Read on to find out why the finale was a letdown.

The climax of the season came at the end of Episode 23. Teresa was concerned about Lex’s alliance to Brandon, but she didn’t win his vote. After many failed attempts, she finally convinced Kim J. to vote for her. Tom was not convinced and voted against her at Tribal Council. This was the beginning of the first power shift in the next season. There were moments of drama at the end of the season.

The cast of Survivor was made up of 16 people. The cast was divided into two tribes: the Samburu, and the Boran. These tribes were named after their real-life counterparts. After 12 days, three of the members of each tribe switched sides to form a new tribe. These two tribes eventually merged into the Moto Maji tribe. It is named after Swahili words meaning “fire”.

Although the Survivor finale drew 51 millions viewers, the show’s premise remained largely unchanged. The “Haves Vs. Have-Nots” twist was the worst idea of the series’ history. It was not the best creative decision and ultimately ruined the entire season. The final episode was a letdown, but viewers can’t deny it was a surprisingly good show. Season three’s cast exemplified the highs as well as lows of this season.

Tasha and Spencer were favorites to win the next award, but the final trio included a variety of players. Some players were chosen because of their immunity idols while others were chosen because they were friends with Jeff Probst. Most viewers believe Amber won the episode due to her likability. Unlike her previous appearances, she won the final vote with five votes, while Rob was the one who won the first two seasons with three.

While the final season of Survivor may not be the greatest in its history, it is nonetheless a compelling show. Each of the three finalists made it to the finals in their own ways. Tony Vlachos and Michele, second-place finishers, made it to the last three. These are all fascinating characters and my favorite of the season. But I am still not sure which one will be the next winner.

As a result of the Samburu-Boran merger, the Samburu tribe becomes jealous of the younger members. Lindsay is elected by the younger members to be the next leader, but she is reluctantly accepting. Tom and Lindsey tied at 3-3 when it comes to the first vote. The winner will be determined by previous votes. And that isn’t the only twist in the game! You can catch the next episode of Survivor: Africa on YouTube

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