800 Suismon Street

Pittsburgh Police Respond to Multiple ShotSpotter Alerts in the 800 Block of Suismon Street

Police responded to multiple ShotSpotter alerts from the 800 block of Suismon Street at around 12:30am on Sunday. Additional shots were fired in the area when police arrived. As officers arrived, multiple young men fled the scene by car and on foot. Some victims were found on the scene and transported to local hospitals. Others were transported to private hospitals. The identity of the shooter has not been revealed by Pittsburgh police.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a tenant of the building was shaken by the bullet that hit the comforter. Property owners were also afraid of the shooter’s retribution. A Ring security camera located on the first floor captured the scene, which was then passed to the Pittsburgh police. Three blocks away, a resident woke up to the sound of car horns and screaming. She then saw two men lying on the ground. One had broken his leg.

At least two dozen people were seen running from the Suismon home, in many different directions. One red building at Turtle and Peralta had 16 apparent bullet holes. One bullet hole was found in a second-floor window. Another residence had five bullet holes visible, one in a first-floor window and four in the second. These witnesses aren’t sure if the shooter was male or female. The police have not commented on whether any evidence of criminal activity was found at the scene.

Pittsburgh police responded to a shooting at an Airbnb property on the North Side. Before the party, guests lined up outside the home. The shooting began inside the Airbnb property, and police arrived to find several other gunshot victims. According to police, about 200 people were inside the short-term rental. Many of the guests were minors. Two of the victims were minors. Mathew Steffyross and Jaiden brown were the victims, as they were both identified by the medical examiner.

As investigators finished their work at the scene before dawn, they found two vehicles with their windows shot out. Three bullet marks were left on the roof and one window of the DaVita dialysis vehicle parked across Suismon street. The DaVita van’s windows were shattered, as was a second-story window on the building’s rear side. And while the suspects remain at large, investigators are not revealing their identities.

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