80s Song Wheel Of Fortune

A Wheel of Fortune Twist From an 80s Song

An 80s song was the inspiration for one of the most intriguing twists in the “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle. The opening line of an Eurythmics song was mispronounced by a contestant! The line appears at various points in the song! Let’s take a look at the song lyrics! How come the contestant mispronounced it! We’re going to answer that question in the next section! But first, let’s look at the song.

“Wheel of Fortune” was written by Jonas Berggren, a Swedish musician. It was recorded at Decibel in Stockholm with a budget SEK 30,000. Although the song did not chart at first, it gained popularity when radio stations started playing it on air. It reached the Top 10 in Austria and Belgium and peaked at number one in Norway. Despite this, the song failed to reach the Top 40 in the United Kingdom until 1993.

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