90s breakup songs

90s Breakup Songs

Those of us who have broken up with a love interest can’t avoid listening to classic breakup songs. These songs aren’t just sad – they also provide a lot of inspiration for the next time you are wishing your lover would leave you. These 90s breakup songs can be used to express a broken heart, or unrequited love. The best part? You don’t even have to know the words to appreciate the beauty of these songs.

You might find it helpful to revisit the 90s breakup scene if you are still struggling to heal from a breakup. Britney Spears, a Britney Spears-like it girl from the ’90s, is a great source of angry breakup songs. Breakup songs from alternative rock and country are also great choices. These songs can be used to help you break up.

“Don’t Speak” is an excellent example of a ’90s breakup song. The singer of the group No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, wrote the song shortly after her breakup with Tony Kanal. Their seven-year relationship was short-lived, but the song went on to become their signature track. It catapulted the band to success and made Stefani a style icon.

Another 90s breakup song is “The Boy Is Mine,” by the teen R&B duo TLC. The single was a hit in the ’90s and launched the band’s career as a supergroup. Similar to “CrazySexyCool”, by Left Eye, featuring Mekhi Phifer, X-Penny and X-Penny was another 90s classic breakup song.

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