90s Earrings

Upcycling 90s Earrings

It may seem like the 1990s were all about plastic, but that’s not the case. Upcycling plastic 90s earrings can make you feel good about your environmental footprint while keeping on trend. The smiley faces were a symbol of a nation. Acid house and rave parties were the main inspirations for the smiley face. In the 90s, almost all men wore at least one pair of earrings. David Beckham, the soccer superstar, wore a pair silver studs.

Aside from the clip-on variety, you can also opt for the stick-on style. These styles can be attached to the earlobe without piercing the earlobe. Stick-on earrings are very popular among young girls. However, they are not the best option for everyone. This type of earring can cause headaches and pressure on the earlobes for some people. The most popular styles from the 90s were usually clip-on.

Gemstones were another popular jewelry trend of that era. The more colorful the stone, the more fashionable it became. Pendants made of gemstones were a big fashion trend during this decade. The ’90s also saw the rise of neon accessories and chunky bubble rings. So, if you have a pair of neon blue earrings, you might as well take advantage of the current trend. You might see your pieces re-invented as vintage pieces or as part of a vintage set!

The ’90s also saw the rise of ‘grunge’ fashion. The grunge look was an outcast of mainstream fashion. It was characterised by large clothing and a vacant gaze. A timeless variety of earring styles was the hoop, which is named after the circular shape of the wedding ring. Its shape is also a symbol of infinity. It is also very popular for everyday wear.

Glow-in the-dark earrings were a popular fashion trend in the ’90s. They were an essential accessory to any rave party. People would wear these earrings with glow-sticks and other ‘glow-glow’ items. This era gave new meaning to the term “glow”

When it comes to jewelry, ’90s style was all about matching pieces. Choker sets and studs were popular, as were matching necklaces. Matching jewelry sets were also popular in the 1990s, with actresses like Lisa Kudrow sporting matching jewelry sets. Despite their retro appeal, matching jewelry sets have been popular again in recent years. You can wear a matching set of stud earrings and a choker to match your outfit.

Oversized hoops were popular during the 1980s, and many women wore oversize ones to look glamorous. If you prefer a subtler approach, studs are another popular choice. They were big, heavy and complemented large gold buttons. In the 1990s, drop earrings and chandelier earrings became popular. The oversized studs were the go-to piece for red carpet and formal events alike. And if you are looking for a timeless style, you can’t go wrong with the oversized studs.

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