90s Neon Fashion

Stay in Tune With 90s Neon Fashion

This article will show you how to keep up with the 90s fashion trends. The 90s were a decade full of neon fashion. This decade’s clothing, accessories and footwear was no exception. This decade was full of bold colors, from neon sneakers to baggy knit T-shirts to baggy knit tees. Neon sneakers were not the only accessory of choice during the 90s. Dr. Martens, trapper hats and neon-colored trainers were also popular. Many of these items featured flashing lights or elastic self-tying laces, and other colorful accessories.

Fashion took a turn for the neon in the mid-eighties. Neon clothing and accessories flooded the market. Oversized sweatshirts, jeans, and other items started to become neon. This trend was a sign of hope and a new mood. Achieved by many, this trend lasted through the decade and is still very popular today. The neon fashions have been reinterpreted to reflect a more positive and cosmopolitan outlook.

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