Abigail Smith – The Name of a Woman Who Pursues Vengeance

Abigail Smith was the second child of John and Mary Adams. She received her education at home, reading in her father’s large library. She also learned about many other topics from visitors to her family’s home. Abigail was a well-educated woman. She later credited Richard Cranch, her brother-in law, with introducing her great literature. Although she had strong opinions on many political issues, she also worried about making people angry. Abigail was an abolitionist. She supported John by giving her the woman’s perspective.

Mary Warren’s timidity is used to her advantage by her and she exploits her persistence for her own ends. Samuel Johnson once said that revenge was an act of passion and justice. One is avenging an injured person and a crime to get justice. Abigail Warren’s passion to revenge and hatred for Mary are evidence that she is not a saint. She has a heart full of lust and vengeance.

Abigail is a popular name for girls in the United States. However, it reached its peak popularity in 2003. In 2019, it was only slightly outside of the top 10, at #11. In the old testament, Abigail was the wife of King David, and was described as beautiful and wise. The name Abigail was first used as a slang term for a maid in the early nineteenth century, but it has regained in popularity, perhaps thanks to its vintage charm.

In a later passage, Abigail is praised for her kindness and care for her husband. Nabal rejects her offer to give her life. David wins the reward and the life for his beloved king, but in the end it is David. As an example, Abigail acted as David’s intercessor. Her persistence won David’s favor and he became his King. Thereby, David could not have been more perfect.

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