Actor – John Corlett

Actor – John Corlett

John Corlett is a renowned community leader and philanthropist from Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout his career he has been actively involved with multiple nonprofit organizations. Currently the president and executive director of The Center for Community Solutions in Cleveland.

He previously served as vice president of government relations and community affairs at MetroHealth System and director of Medicaid for Ohio. Additionally, he holds memberships on numerous nonprofit boards and professional associations.

Early Life and Education

In his younger years, he and his wife spent a great deal of time farming on their family farm in Lake County, Ohio. There they enjoyed farming, growing vegetables, raising goats, milking cows and pigs – you name it!

He had an avid interest in music and musical instruments. He could play several instruments, such as drums, various kinds of horns, and the fiddle. Additionally, he taught and led ward choirs.

He was an active participant in Mona’s Relief Society and often helped out his fellow Manx people. He had a remarkable work ethic as well as great thriftiness.

Professional Career

John Corlett has been a professional in the field of industrial relations since 1996. His expertise covers all facets of employment law, from unfair dismissal and general protection disputes to good faith bargaining issues, discrimination complaints and breach of contract claims.

He was previously the head of Berkeley Lab’s Project Management Office and a program head and project leader in ATAP; he recently retired.

Lucas Brouwer, a research scientist in ATAP’s Superconducting Magnet Program, received the 2022 Director’s Award for Early Career Scientific Achievement; John Corlett – longtime researcher and program head who recently retired as head of Berkeley Lab’s Project Management office – was recognized in Organizational Impact. These awards were presented during both an in-person and virtual ceremony on November 10th.

Achievements and Honors

John Corlett, former head of the Project Management Office at Berkeley Lab, has long been a champion for scientific research. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he joined the lab as an assistant professor of physics in 1991 and quickly developed expertise in radiofrequency techniques and beam electrodynamics. As such he earned many honors including a 2022 Director’s Award for Exceptional Achievement in Early-Career Scientific Achievement as well as a 2022 Lab Award honoring significant progress made towards construction of Advanced Light Source.

Corlett has earned a deserved reputation as an accomplished philanthropist, having donated more than $2 million to support scientific research and other worthwhile causes throughout his illustrious career. A dedicated husband and father, his work ethic extends far beyond the lab walls.

Personal Life

John Corlett served as President and Executive Director of The Center for Community Solutions, a non-partisan think tank that addresses health, social and economic issues. Additionally, he has held leadership roles in multiple community organizations.

He was a prominent leader in the local business and community, dedicated to serving others. He has earned recognition as an advocate for those without representation and is renowned for his efforts to keep older adults healthy and out of long-term care facilities.

On May 25, 1891 in Cleveland, Ohio, John and Verina Ruedy tied the knot. She was daughter to John and Verina Ruedy – owners and operators of Benedict & Ruedy furriers; one of Cleveland’s oldest companies.

Net Worth

John Corlett has a net worth of $3.49 million as of December 13th 2021. He owns over 2,000 units of Preformed Line Products Co stock and has made 19 trades since 2004 in this stock.

He has starred in multiple television series, such as Actors for a Cause, The Dry and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Additionally, he voiced numerous animated series produced/dubbed in Canada like Mega Man and Cheetor. Furthermore, he starred in movies like Salty’s Lighthouse and is currently working on one about Sly Cooper. Additionally, his role as Leif Erikson from Vikings: Valhalla earned him critical acclaim. Ultimately, his career continues to prosper and he looks forward to even more projects ahead!

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