Adam Levine Beard

How to Get the Adam Levine Beard Look

You may have noticed Adam Levine’s bushy beard in recent photos. The singer was spotted on set of the film Can A Song Save Your Lives? New York. Levine is playing a love interest and fellow musician in the movie. He wore a loose white shirt and waistcoat while filming. A close look at his facial hair reveals that he grew it himself over a period of a year.

Adam Levine may have had his beard style influenced by his twenties. He has been known to grow it himself, which makes it harder to maintain a clean and trimmed beard. Levine has also adorned his beard with stubble in recent years. Adam Levine’s hairstyles are often messy or spiked. It was worn with a dark suit by Adam Levine on September 16, 2017.

Adam Levine’s facial hair has been compared with that of a rapper. Although his beard is mostly wavy and short, he performed with a spiky look. Some fans even said that they didn’t recognize the singer because of his hairstyle. But now you know the reason behind it. While the singer is an icon, you can still copy his look by reading his beard styles.

The star has had a full beard and short hairstyle at various occasions, including a Grammys ceremony. His full beard also adds a touch of class. Adam Levine also sported a side swept pompadour fade hairstyle. And a few weeks later, he attended the closing gala premiere of Begin Again at the Tribeca Film Festival. Levine wore a black leather jacket with a short spiked hairstyle.

Another way to copy Adam Levine’s style is to cut your hair like a boy. Use a V-shaped comb to create a Tintin hairstyle with your spiky locks. And, if you’d like to get the Adam Levine look without a beard, you can always try a V shape comb. This look is best achieved with a V-shapecomb.

Adam Levine is well-known as a coach and contestant judge for The Voice. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he earns around $12 million a season. The Voice refers to him as a “breakout singer”. Adam Levine also opened up about his experience with hallucinogenic drugs as a teenager. After an Ambien-related experience, he’s quit taking prescription drugs.

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