Adam Levine Cologne

Adam Levine Cologne For Men

Adam Levine’s cologne features a grapefruit scent. This fruity note can either be a generic citrus note or a more sour one. L’artisan’s Ananas Fizz has this grapefruit peel scent, but Adam Levine’s cologne is a soapy mature Grapefruit. It was named one of the hottest men’s fragrances of 2013, and was released in 2013.

Adam Levine for Men, a citrusy fragrance that was launched in February 2013, is available for purchase. The fragrance was designed by Yann Vasnier and has notes of grapefruit, mandarin, and sage. The heart contains fruity notes such as passionfruit, ginger, and guava. The base notes are deep, woody and leave an impression of amber. You can choose from a citrusy scent, or one that is more masculine and woody. Simply apply the fragrance to your skin.

Adam Levine cologne is the subject of many reviews and opinions. While it isn’t terrible, it isn’t especially noteworthy. It doesn’t smell like cat piss or BO, but it does smell like synthetic notes. This is typical of a men’s cologne in this price range. The cologne starts out with a tropical/citrus vibe, but quickly dries into a candy lime scent. It also has a musky undertone that strongly resembles Royall Lyme.

Adam Levine is a well-known musician and rockstar. He also serves as a judge on YSL’s The Voice USA. He is an international heartthrob, who recently became an official ambassador for YSL’s Y cologne. The singer’s new fragrance campaign will appeal to his creative spirit, individuality, and a desire to express creativity. It will be interesting to see the YSL cologne he wears.

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