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Ahmad Thomas Net Worth – The First Black CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Ahmad Thomas serves as CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group, an association comprised of hundreds of tech companies in Silicon Valley. As CEO, he works to shape business policies and public-private partnerships related to infrastructure, diversity and inclusion, tax and regulation issues.

He is an avid Bay Area sports fan and draws lifelong leadership lessons from playing. Additionally, he loves traveling.

Early Life and Education

Ahmad Thomas was just a junior at Miami Central High School playing linebacker for an impressive squad that often defeated its neighborhood rivals at Sun Life Stadium, before making the decision to attend Oklahoma and becoming one of its finest defensive players.

Thomas was deeply impacted by his grandmother Shirley who served as both his mother and aunt; both encouraged and inspired him to excel academically and on the football field. Unfortunately she passed away when Ahmad was 13, so he chose the number 13 as his jersey number to honor her memory.

Jamal was one of the pioneers of free jazz before its popularity was accepted; his uncluttered rhythm inspired hip-hop producers such as J Dilla (De La Soul’s “Stakes Is High”), DJ Premier and Ski. Jamal began his career playing with a trio called Three Strings before catching John Hammond’s attention as producer for Billie Holiday and signing to Columbia’s Okeh label.

Professional Career

Ahmad Thomas lived in an unsafe part of Miami and his mother, Marvice, often worried that she might lose him. To protect him and teach him about street gangs. Marvice would wear her wedding ring on her wrist as a constant reminder that nothing would take him from her.

Thomas serves as CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG), an influential business association of 350 members that employs nearly one of every three private sector jobs in Silicon Valley. Since starting this role, Thomas has launched an ambitious initiative challenging all SVLG member companies to implement racial diversity within their management ranks by 2025 – in addition to serving on several public and private company boards.

Achievement and Honors

Ahmad Thomas made history when he became the inaugural Black CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group, an influential business trade organization. In this position, he drives market-based outcomes and public policy solutions that enhance Silicon Valley’s business competitiveness while strengthening innovation ecosystems throughout the Bay Area and creating economic value across communities nationwide.

John has spearheaded industry-leading initiatives to operationalize change around diversity, equity and inclusion from Boardroom to C-suite levels. On the basketball court, he and a four-year Big South Conference colleague are close to becoming just two of four such players ever to each record 1,000 points and 500 rebounds over their careers.

He currently serves as Director of Player Development for VCU Men’s Basketball – his inaugural stint on a college coaching staff.

Personal Life

Ahmad Thomas has been one of the Green Bay Packers’ star defensive players this season and one of their prime candidates to make their 53-man roster — but first he must get healthy.

Ahmed Thomas often reads about tragic stories in Miami every time he logs onto Facebook. While Ahmad speaks about these risks with a nonchalant manner, there’s an undertone of seriousness to his voice when discussing Miami’s inner-city dangers.

Thomas serves as CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and works closely with hundreds of companies in the region to influence public policy around infrastructure, diversity & inclusion, tax & regulatory policies and climate change. Additionally, Thomas is an advisor with Barclays Capital where he invests in impact-oriented technology ventures.

Net Worth

Ahmad Thomas currently boasts an estimated net worth of $856,785. He is a professional athlete who plays Wide Receiver for Atlanta Falcons and boasts an impressive career record with high earnings potential.

An individual’s total net worth can be determined by adding all their assets – such as stocks and savings – together and subtracting all liabilities such as mortgages, car loans, credit card debts and student loan balances from them. The resultant number is known as their net worth.

Ahmad Thomas, born December 15, 1994 and currently serving as CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group – California’s most dynamic business association –

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