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What Is Alex McCord’s Net Worth?

Alex McCord, who was a Bravo host of The Real Housewives of New York has received a lot of praises. His marriage to Sonja Morgan and the resulting chemistry with her made him the perfect choice for the show. However, her wacky wardrobe and lack of chemistry with her husband made her a less popular choice for the show. These are the things you should look for in RHONY’s cast.

Alex makes a comment on hip issues of 2021. Her cast of women reflects her modern sensibilities. This is evident in the cast of women. Fans of the show should see the movie. Alex McCord is the perfect choice if you enjoy satire or pop culture. He has written two episodes of the show for the sitcom.

– Social networking: Although she hasn’t appeared on the Bravo show since season four, Alex McCord has stayed active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She has her own Facebook account with her husband. Check out her most recent posts and photos on Facebook! So, what’s Alex McCord’s net worth? It’s more than just a paycheck, though. Alex McCord is a former reality star. Besides working as a visual merchandiser for Victoria’s Secret in New York, she also presides over lavish parties and shopping sprees.

The relationship between Alex McCord and Simon Von Kempen, The Real Housewives of New York, went viral recently. The couple, who wed on Season four of the show in 2009, moved to Ballina, New South Wales, after spending four seasons in the Big Apple. Francois and Johan are their two sons. Despite her appearance on screen, she is still a popular TV personality.

McCord’s social media presence has expanded beyond her TV appearances. She frequently posts photos of her children on her social media. Johan was holding a chocolate croissant with gifts in November 2021. The photo captioned the post, “Early birthday celebration before school!”

Among her other roles, McCord is an active player in the home furnishing business. She co-owns a home furnishing brand with her husband. This business has received favorable reviews online, and it is likely that McCord has earned a decent sum from it. McCord’s wealth is not known, but it is possible that it is in her bank account. Nevertheless, her career has continued to grow and her net worth is on the rise.

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