Alex Milder

Alex Milder’s Kneecap Injury

His film “You Good?” was shot during his recovery. Alex Milder fractured his kneecap before the Taiwan sessions. This shortened the production time significantly, but the film was still a success. In fact, Alex was filmed for the entire film in less than half a year, including a rough cut. Whether or not this was the cause of his kneecap injury remains to be seen. However, Milder did not share this information publicly.

Midler was born on 14 July 1998 and has American nationality. He became popular through skateboarding and has been sponsored by various renowned brands. He began skateboarding at an early age and competed in numerous prestigious competitions. He has over 446,000 Instagram followers, despite only having a small following. Although it is not clear how much time a skateboarder devotes to the sport, it is evident that he does.

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