alexander wang lace jumpsuit

Alexander Wang in a Black Lace Jumpsuit

The best way to show off your new high-tech digs is to wear your bling. The Black Lace atop a tidbit is the modern girl of the house. She’s a sassy ball of sexyness, and she knows it. It’s no wonder she’s a tweepy syllabic in a suit. Not to mention the plethora of sexy ladies who attend her soiree. Hence, we can expect a teep of sexyness from her tuxedo in the near future. She’s also a sexy sexy lady when she isn’t sexy. And, ta da! So, get on your teep of sexyness, and you are one lucky girl! Let the party start!… oh, and that’s the fun part!.Meet a sexy sexy woman and you’re good to go! oh, oh, and a sexy sexy sexy woman.

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