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TimTheTatman and Alexis Bittar

Timthetatman, an energetic gamer known for his boisterous stream personality and dedication to gaming, married Alexis in 2015. Since that time he has rarely shared details regarding their private lives on his stream or posted any photos depicting them together.

Alexis Bittar has become a fashion favorite with his hand-carved Lucite bangles, becoming 2010 CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year with 15 boutiques worldwide and designs for celebrities like Joan Collins.

Early Life and Education

Alexis Bittar was raised in Brooklyn, New York in a typical household. Both his parents were university professors and antique collectors; his mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis which affected how she perceived beauty and femininity; this also taught him the value of hard work early when his mother sent him out with her hand-painted cart to sell flowers in Bay Ridge neighborhood of the city.

Betar and his wife Alexis share a young son together. While keeping their personal lives private and rarely posting photos online, Timthetatman revealed in a recent live stream that Betar proposed to Alexis while at a resort; after being disapproved of initially, he asked again successfully this time!

Professional Career

Betar boasts over seven million subscribers on his variety channel, where he posts gaming videos, selfies and travel pictures. In addition, he streams video games via Twitch as an esports competitor; additionally he collaborated with other streamers for GuardianCon, an annual charity broadcast marathon which raised $2.7 Million for pediatric medical research.

He shares his gaming career with his wife Alexis who supports his gaming endeavors. Often sharing their adventures on his stream; most recently he even revealed the details of their romantic proposal on there!

Companies such as Alexis Bittar typically pay their employees an hourly wage that ranges between $39 to $50, depending on job role, department, location and individual skills and qualifications. To compare Alexis Bittar salaries against competitors’ click any company name below.

Achievement and Honors

As a career designer, she has amassed considerable wealth. The primary source of her earnings has been through designing clothing collections; her estimated net worth stands between $1 and $8 Million dollars.

Alexis Betar’s designs have been featured on magazine covers and she has collaborated with ready-to-wear designers such as Michael Kors, Dennis Basso and Michael Angel. Her jewelry has been worn by celebrities like Joan Collins and Michelle Obama; Alexis herself is married to Tim Betar; they share one son together; however she remains relatively private despite keeping an Instagram presence.

Personal Life

Though many are amazed by his impressive video gaming skills and earnings, family is of equal importance to him. He often posts loving messages about Alexis, his wife, on his social media accounts. Furthermore, he likes to wish her on special occasions such as Mother’s Day.

Timthetatman finally revealed their relationship status in 2015 when he shared his fondness for her on his stream. Subsequently, she quit her job and moved back in together.

The two partners provide each other with invaluable support, evidenced in their collaborative and charitable events as well as quality time spent with their children; Alexis being an exceptional mother reminding her husband to treat himself kindly.

Net Worth

Timothy John Betar, better known by his YouTube and Twitch name TimTheTatman, is a well-known American internet personality and estimated billionaire with an estimated net worth estimated to reach $10 Million. Born and raised in New York, the successful entrepreneur frequently donates large sums of money to charity.

Betar’s popularity skyrocketed when he began streaming Fortnite, and has amassed over seven million followers since. Additionally, he is a Monster Energy Esports athlete and has even appeared in television commercials for the NFL.

In 2018, he joined other streamers at the GuardianCon charity broadcast marathon and raised over $2.7 million for pediatric medical research. Additionally, he holds the Twitch record for charitable donations, collecting over $106,000 in one session alone. Furthermore, this teenage gaming sensation is married to his high school sweetheart and fathered one child.

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