Alexis Wirth Wedding Pictures

Alexis Wirth and Joe Talarico Wedding Pictures

Alexis Wirth and Joe Talarico have been an item for over five years. The couple has a number of hobbies that span from bingeing Netflix to taking doggie strolls in the neighborhood. One of their favorite local hangouts is along Millennium Drive. In their spare time they like to attend community activities and events.

Alexis and Joe have been known to take their dog Everly on walks and have an affinity for sushi and the like. For their engagement photos they chose an ultra chic Playa Vista fitness center. While they certainly took the usual sex off the picture frame, they were more than willing to show off their tattooed limbs. They also wore the best of both worlds on their wedding day. During cocktail hour their guests got the chance to say a few words. Aside from a slew of their friends and family, they had a nanny and a personal photographer.

On the horizon is a 2020 baby in the works. Both have full-time jobs and enjoy spending their free time with their dog and friends. The couple has been known to catch a movie or two and enjoy some off-duty time at their favorite places along the way. As for the wedding itself, a traditional ceremony was a distant second to a big fat sushi spread. Luckily for them the weather was on their side. Having a personal camera crew made for some fun photos and a good time overall.

This is one of those special times. It’s a happy marriage and they are making the most of it. They’re also the most a fun and friendly couple you’ll ever meet. There’s no doubt they’ll make a great team, which is why you’ll see them hanging out and playing video games at Swenson He, watching movies at the nearby theater or going for a run in the park.

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