Alisia Manchado

Alisia Manchado

Are you curious if Alisia is a real person? Yes. The Venezuelan-American actress, singer, and television host was named Miss Universe 1996 and was the fourth Miss Universe from Venezuela. As a teenager, she was crowned Miss Venezuela and then Miss Universe. She is now a well-known actress and singer. Here are some facts about her.

First of all, Machado became a citizen of the United States last June. She was accused of being a getaway driver during a 1997 murder attempt, as well as making threats against her life. Though the charges against her were dropped, the incident still makes Machado a political lightning rod. She argued that Trump’s inflamatory comments on social media were just a distraction from his failings as a leader.

Machado’s allegations of rape are not true. In 2005, she had a starring role in the telenovela Samantha. She also had a small role in the international soap opera Secreto de Amor, but was not arrested. She was not charged with any offenses by the judge. Machado also denied making a threat phone call to the judge.

While her rape charges are unfounded, her comments about Donald Trump are just as damaging. The former Miss Universe supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and even released a commercial featuring Machado who spoke Spanish. Machado called Trump an “unfit” person, full of racism, grudges and frightening anger in the ad. She said that Trump had even contributed to her eating disorder.

While the accusations against Trump are unfounded, the president’s recent comments about Machado are a disgrace. The former Miss Universe was treated in a harsh manner by Donald Trump, who had been the executive producer of the Miss Universe Pageant in 1996. She was later referred to as “Miss Piggy” and criticized for gaining weight after the pageant. Trump claimed that she had violated her contract by gaining excessive weight.

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