Amanda Brown Standish Maine

Autopsy on Amanda Brown of Standish, Maine

Amanda Brown, 29, of Standish (Maine) has undergone an autopsy by the Maine Medical Examiner. Police have not released any new details about the case, and no arrests have been made. The home was originally the scene of an assault investigation, but when deputies responded to the home on Dow Road in Standish on Wednesday, they discovered the body of a woman named Amanda Brown. The autopsy will be performed by the Office of Chief Medical Examiner to determine the cause of the death.

Libby, also known as Brandon was arrested on a Cumberland County murder warrant. The investigation revealed that Brown and Libby were intimate partners. Information was gathered from the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory and Office of Chief Medical Examiner. When he is allowed to, the suspect will appear in court. Libby is currently being held in lieu of a $200,000 bond. However, his trial will likely last for many years.

The State Police Major Crimes Unit South works with the York County Sheriff’s Offices in order to determine the cause for Amanda Brown’s murder. Amanda Brown’s mother complained that her boyfriend was assaulting her. This triggered the investigation. The boyfriend was arrested in Waterboro after passing on a right. The suspect cooperated with police and a K-9 was called in. Investigators have not revealed the identity of the boyfriend.

Maine State Police responded earlier in the evening to a suspicious home near Standish. Dow Road was closed for a few hours. The scene was being monitored, even though there was no immediate danger to the public. According to the Maine State Police, there is no imminent danger to the public. The motive for the attack is not known, but an investigation is ongoing. Dow Road in Standish remains shut down through Wednesday night.

Many people are asking: How did Brown die? Despite the fact that the body was found in her home, authorities believe her boyfriend was the perpetrator. Brown’s boyfriend was recently married to the boyfriend. He was arrested. While he is not facing criminal charges as of yet, the state police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Brown’s death. A murder charge may be filed against the boyfriend.

Libby denied that he abused Brown but he refused any further explanation when asked. Libby’s mother, Lilo, said she called police on June 16 after Amanda Brown’s death and that she was confident her son would not be charged criminally. According to the man, he went to the house of the mother of one his children. The woman who answered the door did not want to speak with reporters.

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