Amanda Daughtry

What to Expect From Amanda Daughtry’s Next Album

Amanda Daughtry’s success is evident. As the first female country artist to break into the top ten, she has become a coveted icon in the industry. Her soaring voice and captivating stage presence have earned her a Grammy nomination and two CMA awards. In addition to her success as a recording artist, Amanda Daughtry also makes time for charity work, including a Toys for Tots drive and visits to various children’s homes.

Amanda Daughtry is a native Indianaer who attended college and then went on to graduate school. She now lives in Washington Heights, Manhattan, where she loves exploring the city on her bike, playing softball and spending time with her cat, Lola. While she’s on tour, you can catch Amanda performing and recording new songs on her website. Here are some things you can expect on her next album.

AMANDA DAUGHTRY announced her pregnancy live on air. The news is a big deal in Nashville, where she spent the last ten years as a singer-songwriter. She opened a stadium tour in March 2019 with Alan Jackson. This news has caused many to ask: “When will I be able to get on the radio?”

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