Amanda Grazioli

The Wrongful Death of Amanda Grazioli

The world and the community were shocked by Amanda Grazioli’s death. The 17-year-old had just begun a bitter custody battle with her ex-wife. The murder occurred in the middle of the night before her 17th birthday. The defendant, Grazioli, was charged with first-degree murder and criminal homicide. She was also charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm without a license.

John Grazioli, her husband, wanted a divorce. He planned to take Amanda on a summer vacation. The two were both financially struggling, and Grazioli planned to take Amanda on a vacation in the summer. He shot Amanda in the back of her head while she was asleep in bed with him while they were waiting for the divorce. Two days before she was due to testify in a custody dispute, the murder occurred.

Erica Grazioli was John Grazioli’s ex-wife and testified at the trial that he asked her to keep Amanda’s death a secret and that he wanted everything resolved by Friday, the day before Amanda died. The email also states that the husband wanted to have Amanda out of his life by Friday, the day before she died. A note found near her body states that Grazioli was en route to confession.

Although the identity of the killer is still unknown, John Grazioli, an extremely wealthy man, boasted that he had overseen investments totalling $1.4 billion. He was desperate for cash. Although the killing occurred as a result of a financial crisis, the murder was a tragic accident and the killer is now facing life in prison. This case is far from over. The family remains adamant in getting justice for their loved one.

The case is one of the most high profile murder cases in recent memory. The husband, John Grazioli, shot his wife in the head while she was sleeping in the bedroom. He later confessed to the crime before he was convicted of first-degree murder. He was sentenced for life in prison without parole. Amanda Grazioli’s wrongful-death case was settled in one of the largest settlements in Erie County history.

Grazioli took a shot at his wife’s head. After shooting her wife, he went to a sandwich restaurant. He also stopped at a beer bar. After his lunch break, he stopped at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Church in Millcreek, near where her two children went to school. Grazioli confessed to his crime at the St. Peter Cathedral in downtown Erie.

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