Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox – Writer, Actress, and Journalist

Amanda Knox, an American journalist, activist and writer, spent nearly four years in an Italian prison following her wrongly convicted for the murder of Meredith Kercher (an exchange student). She argues that the sentence she was given was unfair and has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Knox stated in a CNN interview that she believes that her conviction was based upon a pattern of evidence favoring her accusers, and that she did nothing to commit the crime.

The case has garnered much media attention both in the U.S. and Europe. Knox was depicted in the British and Italian media as a promiscuous party girl. In America, she was portrayed as a young innocent student who struggled to afford her education. In fact, she has been living in Seattle ever since. In the film, Knox mocks the case. She poses as Ada Lovelace, a computer science professor who helped her finish her degree.

Knox was also involved in Kercher’s wrongful conviction and speaks at events for The Innocence Project, an organization that seeks justice on behalf of wrongfully imprisoned persons. She has also become a freelance journalist and published her memoir, Waiting to Be Heard: The Trial of Amanda Knox

After Kercher’s murder, Knox was interrogated by police. Knox admitted that she was in the apartment at the time of the crime, but falsely accused Patrick Lumumba, her part-time bartender. However, she had texted Lumumba on Nov. 1 that evening. After hours of police interrogation, Knox’s confession was exposed and her statement was criticized. She also didn’t have a lawyer.

Amanda Knox began dating poet Christopher Robinson in 2015 and they were married on Leap Day, 2016. They co-hosted their podcast, “The Truth About True Crime With Amanda Knox” while they were dating. They also co-host a podcast called “Labyrinths,” which explores people’s personal mazes. If you have a question about Amanda Knox, do not hesitate to ask! You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

In 2007, Amanda Knox was convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher. Her boyfriend was sentenced to 26-years in prison. They were acquitted in October 2011. Knox was however ordered to be tried again in 2013 for Kercher’s death. The Italian Court of Cassation acquitted them both and exonerated them of all charges in January 2013.

While she is writing a new memoir, Amanda Knox’s family is pitching a movie version to the true crime podcast. The two also plan to collaborate on a TV series on exonerees. Her name and images taken from tabloid covers are being used in an NFT series. She also is working on a sci-fi novel, and a nonfiction book about evolution and the future.

The prosecution believes the murderer had a satanic agenda. A beautiful American roommate of the victim, Amanda Knox, behaved strangely after the murder. She was seen doing cartwheels in the police station. The next day, she went shopping for lingerie and wore a T-shirt with lyrics from a Beatles song. It seems a good theory. But what does this all mean?

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