Amari Nicholson Mother Charged

Amari Nicholson’s Mother Charged With Murder

When Amari Nicholson’s mother was arrested for murder, she was stunned. She didn’t know she was facing criminal charges. It is not clear if the charges will be brought against her. Police and prosecutors said Rhodes hid the body of her daughter intentionally. They also found Amari’s blood on Rhodes’ wall and her soiled clothes. Authorities found the body of the 10-year-old in the 400 block of East Twain Avenue, but they did not say how she died.

Amari’s mother, Tayler Nicholson, had left her son with Rhodes while she traveled to Colorado. Rhodes claimed that he hit Amari because he “wet his pants.” Police said Rhodes had tried to resuscitate the teen before disposing of his body. He was found dead near the extended-stay hotel where Nicholson and Rhodes stayed. Rhodes was scheduled to appear in court today, but he failed to show up due to medical reasons.

After Rhodes informed police investigators that he wasn’t the boy’s biological mom, the investigation began. Police found blood evidence in the mother’s apartment, but Rhodes has not yet entered a plea. He will appear in court next Monday, but not before he has a chance to defend himself. Rhodes will remain behind bars regardless of whether Rhodes’ plea is accepted. He will likely be charged with additional murder charges if he’s found guilty.

When Amari disappeared, Nicholson was in a panic mode. She rushed back from Colorado to try to figure out what happened to her child. She said she didn’t know how the woman found her address, but said she wanted to contact her sister and make her son safe. Rhodes said he vaguely remembered his girlfriend saying someone would pick her up. This is not the case, but the case is still being investigated.

The Rhodes case has sparked a national debate about police policies regarding child abuse. Police are investigating whether Rhodes killed Amari, and how she died. After an investigation, police determined that Amari’s mother was responsible. But a lack of cooperation by the family would lead to further investigation, which led to the arrest. They have been calling Rhodes’s phone and demanding answers.

Police believe Rhodes is responsible for the death of Amari’s two-year-old son. Amari was missing for almost a week. While the investigation was ongoing, the family was left in an uncertain position. Amari’s mother and boyfriend blamed other family members for the disappearance, but they both later lied. Terrell Rhodes confessed to her daughter that he had molested her daughter at the initial court appearance.

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