American Decay: Inside America’s Forgotten Homes

American Decay: Inside America’s Forgotten Homes

From ivy-clad mansions and deserted theme parks to once-lavish resorts left to decay, the USA is home to an array of eerie and fascinating abandoned locations. Often these neglected spots serve as time capsules, a window into a different era of American life.

Photographer Bryan Sansivero has spent the last decade capturing these haunting sights and his new book, “american decay: inside america’s forgotten homes,” is the result. Sansivero says he’s drawn to these places because of their inherent intrigue.

He first discovered one of these haunting places while visiting family in Pennsylvania, when he stumbled upon a dilapidated house with everything inside still intact and the only door open. He immediately fell in love with it.

That was the start of his passion for photographing abandoned homes. And now, he’s captured countless other structures in the US that are no longer in use.

Abandoned houses are often a treasure trove of mementos and remnants of a bygone era, but Sansivero says it’s also an opportunity to learn about the people who once called these spaces home. For example, in an Instagram caption, he shared that a home he photographed was once owned by a World War II veteran who was incarcerated for animal abuse.

Some of these abandoned homes have been vandalized, and many are no longer in use, but Sansivero says that doesn’t make them any less interesting or important. He says that each of these homes has its own unique story, and that’s why he photographs them.

In addition to the homes, Sansivero also captures a variety of other abandoned structures in the US, including hospitals, schools, nursing homes, trailers, and boat graveyards. He said he takes inspiration from other photographers on Instagram and uses Google Earth, word of mouth, and aimless trips in his car to find these hidden locations across the country.

He specializes in finding abandoned properties in the northeastern US and published his first book, “American Decay: Inside America’s Forgotten Homes,” in 2021. He is working on a follow-up book that will share images from his travels in Europe.

Those interested in learning more about these abandoned homes can follow Sansivero on Instagram at @american_decay, and the book is available on Amazon.

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