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Anderson Cooper – CNN’s Most Memorable Newsman

Anderson Cooper, originally from Manhattan, graduated from Yale University in 1989. Cooper began his career as a fact-checker on Channel One, a news channel for schools. He then went on to document the turmoil in Southeast Asia and other parts of Africa. Later, he became a CNN correspondent and the show’s chief international correspondent. Cooper’s career was off to a promising start! Cooper rose to the top of television news in just a few years.

A graduate of Yale University, Cooper studied Vietnamese and studied at the University of Hanoi. Cooper currently resides in New York City. The series follows the lives of today’s most compelling personalities, discovering the shocking stories hidden in their own families. He also meets 21 fascinating new guests and game-changers in their fields. Here are some of Cooper’s most memorable segments. Cooper is a great interviewer and viewers will be captivated by his insights into different cultures and countries.

Anderson Cooper is a CNN newsman and has been a regular on television since 2003. Anderson Cooper is a household name thanks to his on-the-ground reporting skills. He was a reporter for the Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Katrina. He has also been a contributor to 60 Minutes, and won many major journalism awards. Cooper also led CNN’s Hurricane Katrina and tsunami coverage, earning him two DuPont Awards and the Edward R. Murrow Award for his work.

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