Anderson Cooper Shirtless

Anderson Cooper Goes Shirtless

Andy Cohen posted a series shirtless photos of Anderson Cooper to his Instagram page. Cooper is seen in one photo with a flower behind him, while Cooper is seen on another boat flexing his toned body. While the host has not yet commented publicly on the post, he does appear to be upset that Cohen shared his personal photos. The captions for these images also show Cooper’s frustration that Cohen posted them on his Instagram page.

In an interview with Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper opened up about his sexual awakening as a pre-teen. Anderson Cooper also stated that Richard Gere was the first celebrity to make him realize he was gay and that he owes that realization to the actor. They are now the parents of Wyatt, two, and Sebastian, four months. The television host also went shirtless to see the movie Bent, which is about the persecution of gay people in Nazi Germany.

Anderson Cooper also came out publicly as gay in 2012, but did not tell his mom until he was in college. Cooper claims that Cooper’s mom was cool about him coming out, and advised him to wait until he was ready to make “definite decisions.” The world was shocked when he publicly revealed that he was gay in 2012. Meanwhile, Cooper’s mother, Vanderbilt, recently opened up about her “so-called lesbian” relationship with her ex-boyfriend when she was just thirteen.

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