Andraia Allsop

Andraia Allsop

Andraia Allsop is a model who was born in 1991. Every year, her birthday is celebrated on 15 March. Her current age is thirty years old. Despite her age, she still appears young, especially after having been married for 30 years. She is the daughter of Michael and Launa Allsop. Landon is her elder brother. Landon is married Kassandra Allsop. They have one child, a boy.

Andraia Allsop has a minimal social media presence. Her Instagram account has only 410 posts, with over three thousand followers. She doesn’t appear in either Twitter or Facebook. We can’t be certain unless she creates a public account. We haven’t found anything about her in her public profile, but her photos on Instagram are certainly worth checking out. Wolfgang’s sweetheart is very private and her Instagram account shows it.

The beautiful Andraia Allsop works as an intern for Instructure, a company that develops educational technology. She has worked on many projects, including an app to track food storage. She proudly describes herself as a software engineer on LinkedIn. In addition to modeling, she has appeared on shows with Wolfgang Van Halen’s mom, Valerie Bertinelli. They have been together since 2015.

Allsop and Wolfgang started dating in December 2015, and have been spotted out on numerous occasions since then. The pair share almost the same birthday: Wolfgang is born on March 16 and Allsop is born on March 15. It is not yet known if the couple will marry or get engaged. Their relationship is still in good standing. So, stay tuned. Allsop is definitely worth your attention.

Wolfgang Van Halen is a musician and Andraia Allsop his girlfriend. They were first met on the Food Network’s Homecoming program. They are still very private and maintain separate social media profiles. Wolfgang Van Halen also revealed that Andraia and he share the same birthday. But, the two have not revealed how they met and fell in love. It is still unclear how they met, but the two are friends, and they have been teasing each other since then.

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