Andre 3000 Long Hair

Bad Rapper Andre 3000

Andre 3000 is not a stranger to bad hair. Andre 3000 has worn curly, long hair in movies and wore a dodgy, blonde, white wig at Bestival 2014. His long, curly hair is the most striking part of his look. It was his dodgy turban that foreshadowed what was to come. It was a style choice that embodied his unique performance personality and could be a bold statement in its own right.

Andre 3000’s long hair had been making the rounds in the media this year, as he traveled with his longtime partner, big boi. The three rappers’ 20th anniversary is celebrated by a number of artists, including big boi, kid cudi, and mikki727. Andre 3000’s long hair has been a big hit in the music industry, thanks to its appearance in “Kids” by A Tribe Called Quest. In his latest album, Life of the Party, Andre rapped about a sicilian bitch, smoking thin air, and opening up a Lamborghini. The lyrics of the song were also dedicated to his mother who was a millionaire who died in 2013.

Outkast’s MC, Andre 3000, is his name. His moniker, “Andre 3000,” is indicative of his desire to grow. This is a fitting moniker for a gifted MC. He embodies the introspection and fears that society has about change. Andre 3000’s long, curly hair was one of his first attempts to incorporate a futuristic aesthetic into his music.

Despite this recent influx of attention, Andre 3000 has remained somewhat in the background. Since his last album, Stankonia, he’s made only a handful of public appearances. In fact, he’s kept his profile low and has remained relatively low-profile. He spoke about the “social thing” in his most recent interview with GQ.

Andre Benjamin is another acclaimed rapper whose style can be considered a part of his personality. Benjamin’s Dre phase, as a young man, represents his awakening from the darkness of his childhood. The Andre 3000 phase, on the other hand, represents his full grasp of his identity and political views. Throughout the decades, he’s consistently updated his look. He’s still an individual.

The rap legend has a remarkably sexy style. When he reunited in 2012 with Kanye West, his long hair and big dreadlocks were a rage. However, his new look is not the same as what he was known for back in his youth. Sean McDermott also ditched his Cruella deville style in favor of a more natural look.

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