Anti-choking Devices New Jersey

New Jersey Law Requires Anti-Choking Devices in Schools

If a child accidentally swallows an anti-choking device, it can save their life. This device contains a plunger attached to a face mask. It can be used when an individual is at risk of choking. These devices are now available in many schools.

A number of studies have demonstrated that these devices can save lives. The LifeVac, for example, can prevent children from choking by clearing their airways. This portable device can be used by caregivers for people with disabilities, first responders, and children in preschool.

The bill also requires schools have anti-choking devices at hand. These devices must be easily accessible during school hours and must have identification signs. These devices create suction by manually creating pressure to clear an obstruction in the airway. They must also be registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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