Anuel Aa New Gf

Anuel AA’s New Girlfriend

Anuel A.A. has been dating Yailin Ma Mas for some time. They have shared many videos together and have posted signs of their relationship on social media. Yailin was seen doing a sensual dance in one of her recent videos. She also has blue hair, just like Karol G.

The two met in August 2018 while working on a music video for Culpables. The relationship was first reported in January 2019, when the singer posted a short video on Instagram showing her kissing another woman. Their romance was soon reported by the media. Anuel AA has a son named Pablo Anuel. After a few months, the couple started dating. The couple recently announced their relationship on Instagram.

The news about their relationship was made even more exciting as Yailin was able to confirm their relationship in a recent Instagram story. Karol G’s wrist tattoo, which caused some controversy, was also removed by Yailin. Anuel AA’s new girlfriend is reportedly a former companion of his, Karol G. The couple are reportedly dating after a split from their relationship.

Yailin Lamas is a popular content creator. She has created various videos for social networks and has a following of more than a million people on Instagram. Since her work with Anuel AA, her followers have increased. Before the breakup, the singer had only 700 thousand followers. However, recently, she focused on music, and posted teasers about a new song with Anuel.

Anuel AA’s new girlfriend is a popular YouTube star, known as Yailin La Mas. Yailin is a Dominican dancer, singer, and influencer. She has reportedly been collaborating with the Reggaetonero on several songs, including ‘Baby’. The video was shared in an online video and captioned 14 de Febrero, which means ‘Valentine’s Day’ in Spanish.

Anuel Yailin remained friends after the split. Both sang together in Puerto Rico, and were featured in many songs. Anuel and Yailin have even written songs about each other. The Colombian song ‘Mamiii’ references Yailin’ in a clear way. Anuel AA’s new girlfriend is a Puerto Rican beauty who has become a media darling.

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