Anuel New Gf

Anuel AA Has a New Girlfriend

Fans of Anuel have been speculating that he has a new girlfriend, but a recent TikTok clip has confirmed their relationship. The Colombian singer-songwriter and Yailin Lamas Viral, his social media influencer, were first seen together in January 2022. A few days later, they posted an intimate video to their respective Instagram accounts. Fans are still skeptical as to whether this new relationship is real or a rumor.

Anuel Yailin and his relationship with Yailin have been widely reported on the internet since January when he announced it. Since the couple’s public announcement, rumors of an engagement, pregnancy, or marriage have been circulating. Fans still expect Anuel’s return to Karol G, his ex-girlfriend. However, they will have to wait until the next season to make it official.

Karol G and Emmanuel began dating in January 2018 and are rumored be engaged. They split in April 2021. Although they weren’t quarantined together for the entire time, they did meet in Colombia. Then, in September 2020, Karol G flew to Colombia to visit her family. Soon after, fans began to suspect and Anuel announced that the split would be announced in April 2021.

Although it was initially unclear if Anuel AA and Yailin La Mas Viral were romantically linked, their relationship has made headlines. They have been spotted hanging out in TikTok videos, which made them viral in the first place. Although they are not officially a couple, their relationship has become more widely known. A rumoured upcoming music collaboration between the two singers might be a sign of things to come.

Anuel G and Karol G became close friends after the split. They reportedly sang together in Puerto Rico after they met. Anuel G and Karol F even wrote songs about one another. A Colombian song, ‘Mamiii’, clearly refers to Karol G. Anuel’s new girlfriend, meanwhile, has been rumored for years, but nothing official has been confirmed yet.

Anuel AA, the singer-songwriter and YouTuber, recently shared a personal story on her Instagram. She had cosmetic surgery to remove a scarlet mark on her stomach. Although the story received negative feedback, the influencer sent her a gift from the clinic she was in recovery. Anuel A.A. has been growing her Instagram following. An Instagram post recently saw her surpassing a million followers.

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