Anxiety Couple Tiktok

Jonathan Scott and Haydee Scott – Anxiety Couple on TikTok

Jonathan Scott is a Tiktok star who is also half of the YouTube channel Anxiety Couple. The YouTube couple discuss mental health issues. Their relationship is not perfect and both have mental health issues. Although they haven’t discussed these issues in public, they have raised awareness for mental health. Jonathan Scott is also married to Haydee, and the couple has a son together.

The TikTok account Anxiety Couple features two personalities who share their perspectives on everyday small moments. The duo has over seven million followers on TikTok and a large following on YouTube. The couple has also partnered with businesses such as Jatie Vlogs and Whataburger. They even had a baby! Their first video, “THE CADY KISSING CHALLENGE GONE Wrong,” has more than 123K subscribers.

The couple have been together for many years and have two children, Jayden and Skylr. They also co-parent. They are engaged to marry in the near future. Although their lives are not perfect, they are happy together. In spite of their struggles, they are co-parents to their two sons. They are preparing for a wedding and are still trying to make their relationship work.

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