Aposen Cordless Vacuum

APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

APOSEN cordless vacuum cleaners are a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful vacuum that is easy to use. It features two power modes – standard and strong – for different cleaning needs. With a 17-inch height and a wide range of accessories, this vacuum can clean tight corners and fit in the smallest of spaces. The APOSEN cordless vacuum cleaner can also be stored compactly.

The APOSEN is advertised as a stick vacuum that’s affordable, but it was unable to clean larger debris. Even if it did manage to clean small debris, it did so with noticeable misses. For instance, it failed to pick up all of the cereal in our test, and then dropped it back out. This is due to its poor sealing mechanism, which allows debris to enter the canister before sealing again to keep it from falling out.

The APOSEN H21 cordless vacuum is an ultra-lightweight stick vacuum that doubles as a handheld vacuum. It has a flat recline, and comes packed with useful accessories. It has some design, build quality, performance, and performance issues. Although the H21 vacuum is great for light households, it doesn’t deliver as much power as we expected. But for those who have the budget and are looking for an excellent vacuum, this lightweight stick vacuum is a great choice.

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