Ark Best Berry Gatherer

Ark Survival Evolved Best Berry Gatherer

If you want to become the best berry gatherer in the Ark, then you will want to get the Trike. This vehicle has a large inventory and a slow moving speed that makes it an excellent choice for berry gathering. It will allow you to carry more berries than you can carry yourself, and you’ll also be able to collect more per bush.

The Brontosaurus is one of the best berry gatherers in Ark Survival Evolved. It has a huge radius, and it can gather a high number of berries with a single tail swipe. This makes it an extremely useful walking storage room. It also has a huge weight, making it a fantastic vehicle for transporting a large amount of cargo.

Another good dinosaur for collecting berries is the Triceratops. This is a good option for gathering berries in dangerous locations. It has a powerful tail attack, and its bite attacks can be very effective. It also makes a good defensive mount. It’s a good choice for challenging locations, where it’s hard to reach with another vehicle.

A Stegosaurus is also a good choice for berry gathering. Its back plate is sharp, and it has three different types of plates. It can carry a large amount of berries and can also level up. It’s not the fastest animal, but it can carry a lot of berries with ease.

Another good animal to tame early on in the game is a Brontosaurus. Although this animal can’t do much combat, it’s easy to tame and has a high weight stat. It can also gather a large amount of wood and can cut multiple trees at one time. This makes it a very good choice for a berry gatherer in the Ark.

Fiber is essential for survival in ARK. It’s required for crafting over three hundred different items. It’s also relatively easy to gather at the beginning of the game. There are even some tips and tricks that can make the process easier. To collect fiber, walk up to a bush with bare hands or with a torch equipped. Pressing E on the bush will yield berries, fibre, and the odd seed drop.

Fiber is another valuable resource in ARK. It can be gathered from wild bushes and grasses. It appears as soft brown strands, which form a bundle. These strands are perfect for making rope, cloth, and thread. It is plentiful and easy to find, which makes it a great choice for crafting. It is used in more recipes than any other resource.

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