ass net

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Bigger Ass Net

Most anglers can make due with a small net for stockied trout or wild mountain brookies, but some require something larger–a “big ass net,” to be exact.

The word ass has many different uses in English-speaking pop culture. It can refer to either your physical butt or used jokingly with phrases such as “cover your ass” and LMAO.

Net Worth

Net worth is calculated as a result of subtracting everything you own (your assets) from everything you owe (debts). This includes everything from real estate, cars and jewellery purchases to savings accounts and retirement funds.

Consider the value of any household items, entertainment systems or boats you own as well as money that’s sitting in checking and savings accounts as these liquid assets could quickly convert to cash if needed.

Current value of any life insurance policies that you own. Current value of stocks, bonds, and other investments you own including 401(k), SEP IRA, or other retirement investments as well as investments made directly into private companies.

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