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Snapchat User Ayanna Davis Arrested For Sleeping With Student

Snapchat user Ayanna Davis is once again making headlines. She has recently been caught on camera sleeping with a student. The shocking video was shared with students at the school, and is quickly spreading through social media. Ayanna was later arrested and charged for sexual battery. This should be the last time such an incident happens! For now, though, Ayanna has deactivated her Twitter account.

After a student reported the video to police, the video was posted on Snapchat and Reddit. Ayanna Davis has since denied all charges. However, the investigation is ongoing. The video may not be made public. If a student’s name was revealed, it will most likely be shared on Snapchat. However, the student may not have been aware that the video was leaked to the media. Ayanna Davis should be banned for now from social media if this is true.

The scandal started when Ayanna Davis, a Florida high school substitute teacher, admitted to sleeping with a student four times. The Snapchat video was circulated among football players and was shared with the public. The high school and the student’s parents have vowed to investigate this case. It is likely that Ayanna’s Snapchat video will be made public. And it is possible that other educators may also be concerned about the consequences.

Ayanna Davis is currently facing a criminal case in Florida after an alleged encounter with a student was shared on her social networking site. Police say Davis was underage, had sex with the student twice, and was filmed by a student at the school. Although Davis denied that the video was posted publicly, it is unknown if she will plead guilty. The video was reported by a student on Snapchat. It was viewed by all students, including football players.

While the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is not sure if the video is real, the detectives are confident that the video is out there. They are looking for any leads, including the Snapchat video. Although Davis wasn’t an employee of the Polk County Public School, she was working for Kelly Education Services. The agency assigned her Lakeland High. However, after the video circulated, Kelly Education Services told the student that she was no longer permitted to work at any of the school sites.

Kelly Education Services, the staffing agency that recruited substitute teachers, has terminated Ayanna Davis’ employment, and she will not be able to work for the school district in Polk County. Davis passed all background checks required to teach in the district. Ayanna Davis cannot now work in Polk County schools because the school district has changed its policies regarding substitute teachers. We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

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