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Social Media Blackout – Ayanna Davis

Ayanna Davis is a substitute teacher in Central Florida. She is a big fan of the performing arts and is also a children’s book illustrator. In fact, she is one of the hottest young teachers in the region. Nevertheless, she has found herself in some hot water of late. Her most recent brushes with the law include being accused of sexually battering a student under 16. The most serious of these charges was filed last week. Regardless, the 20-year-old is no longer allowed to accept assignments while her case is pending.

The big question is, how did this alleged misdeed occur in the first place? Ayanna Davis is not a regular employee of the Polk County Public Schools, but is under the employ of a company called Kelly Education. This staffing agency claims it recruited Davis after a thorough background check. At the time of her arrest, she was employed by the school as a substitute English teacher. According to a release from the Polk County Sheriff’s office, the video of the alleged assault was not a hoax.

It turns out that the biggest buzz surrounding Ayanna isn’t her recent arrest, but rather the video of her alleged sexual encounter with a student. It appears that the aforementioned video was shared amongst several students before it was brought to the attention of the school’s administration. Although the video was not aired on television, it was spotted on Reddit. One student took the video to heart and reported the sight to the Polk County Sheriff’s office. After some detective work, the Sheriff’s Office decided to take a more proactive approach and seized Ayanna on Friday. She was released on bail. Despite her legal woes, Ayanna remains a staunch advocate of autism awareness and self love. As a result of her recent arrest, her Twitter account was deactivated. Likewise, her Facebook page and Instagram were shuttered. While she does have a cell phone, she has yet to seek legal counsel. However, she is not allowed to attend any of the public schools in the county until her criminal cases are settled.

While Ayanna Davis’ arrest and subsequent bail may have been a disappointment to some, the aforementioned social media blackout is an unfortunate and unfortunate situation for her and her family. Despite her sex-related troubles, she is a strong advocate for autism and has been known to survive more than 300 seizures.

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