B4b Best Shotgun

Best Shotgun in Battlefield 4

When looking for the best shotgun in Battlefield 4, the B4B is a good choice. The gun has high firepower, a decent range, and accurate shooting. However, its bad handling and excessive recoil make it not the best choice for every type of situation. While it can do a lot of damage, it’s also heavy and requires customization to compensate for its shortcomings.

Its unique design and innate ability to damage enemies gives it an edge over other shotguns. It also has the added bonus of granting players a 35 percent move speed bonus when firing. It also deals 10 percent more damage and adds a small amount of “kick” to every shot. This shotgun also gives players a temporary health bonus, which gives them an edge in combat and lets them stretch their healing items a bit further.

If you are a backer of Back 4 Blood, it’s time to learn how to use your Shotgun Build Card Deck to your advantage. Back 4 Blood allows you to use shotguns in close quarters combat, but you need to be sure to choose a weapon that will allow you to shoot your enemies effectively.

The Back 4 Blood shotgun also has special cards for shotgunners. These cards will give you temporary health while you are shooting. This will allow you to maintain your health in difficult situations. You can also find perks that can increase the damage dealt to enemies in certain locations. Some Back 4 Blood cards can even help you in killing zombies.

The AA12 is the only Shotgun in the game with full automatic fire. This makes it the best weapon for taking point and destroying waves of undead. However, it’s also the weakest shotgun, so it’s best to use it with a sniper to compensate for its shortcomings.

A few other powerful shotguns are available in the game. The 870 Express has a great range and is a great Ridden killer. However, it lacks the versatility of the AA 12 and the Super 90. Many people consider the Tac as the best shotgun in B4B, and if you’re looking for a primary weapon, this is a great choice. It’s a powerful weapon, but it can be quite slow to reload.

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