Barbie Camp

Barbie Camp Guide Micro-Doll

The Barbie Camp Guide micro-doll is a perfect choice for young children who love storytelling. The set includes two fashion accessories and roleplay accessories. The toy is safe for children aged four and up, as it contains small parts. Barbie will love to play out her stories with this doll. A plaid shirt, black shorts and brown boots will look great on Barbie. This set can also be purchased for older children and their families.

To celebrate the launch of the DreamCamper, Barbie and CAMP are partnering with RVshare to give one lucky family the chance to win a two-night camping trip in the doll-sized DreamCamper RV. The winning family will be awarded a prize package including a Barbie-themed bike and a doll-sized DreamCamper. It is also a great place for moms and dads to bond with their kids.

The camp will be open at 10:00am for Saturday’s ride. You should arrive early enough to get your kitted up and find the parking spot. The Barbie Camp is located on Three Creeks Lake Road, three miles south from downtown. Once you arrive, look for the Barbie Camp sign on the road. Alternatively, you can visit the site by car. Be sure to arrive on time. We hope to see you this year!

The dreamcamper is the perfect way to bring your Barbie and her friends on a road trip! It includes seven play areas, an epic slide and many storytelling accessories. Your little adventurers will love the camper’s pool and bathroom. Barbie can send her friends down the slide and into the pool. The camper also features a pop-open canopy, all the amenities you need for a family summer vacation.

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