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Weddle, a Los Angeles Rams Safety, is a Philanthropist

After playing pickup basketball at his neighborhood court, Weddle would head home to Rancho Cucamonga, California in his imposing truck.

He takes a seat for a moment in his impressive Ford F-150 truck – an eye-catching muscle car that actually measures more like an open closet – and thinks back over his three years spent living here in Baltimore.

Early Life and Education

Football star Eric Weddle was raised to work hard and make something of himself, yet never expected higher education to play such an integral part in his life. Now playing safety for Los Angeles Rams in National Football League.

Weddle was raised in Fontana, California. At Alta Loma High School he excelled in both basketball and football and earned himself a scholarship to Utah University.

Indiana State University women’s basketball coach Sean Weddle also works as the recruiting coordinator, working primarily with post players. Weddle is married to former Utah State soccer player Chanel Blaquiere. Together they have Xavior LaMonte Weddle who was recently honored as a second-team Parade All-American from Montbello High School in Denver.

Professional Career

Weddle began his career as a linebacker before quickly rising through the ranks to start for Baltimore Ravens starting lineup in 2007. Since then, Weddle played all games until being injured; amassing 89 total tackles and 13 pass deflections during that span.

He has also been honored with two Pro Bowl selections.

He graduated from Terre Haute North Vigo High School before going on to Oakland City University for his undergraduate studies and eventually earning a bachelor’s degree there. Weddle was honored twice with second-team All-America recognition and first-team All-Mountain West conference honors during college years. Now living in Maryland with his wife and three children, Weddle utilizes basketball with friends on most weekends to stay physically in shape for his NFL job as one of the premier safeties in the league.

Achievement and Honors

Once his NFL career had concluded, Weddle continued playing basketball on weekends with friends. These best-of-five tournaments provided both an outlet for his competitive drive as well as fitness benefits – these games provided both!

On Jan. 15th, Rangeview High School honored senior Ny’Era West for surpassing 1,000 points for coach La Monte Weddle’s Raiders. West’s accomplishment comes four seasons into her impressive playing career as a 5-foot-7 guard who contributes significantly.

The BHOF operates two Screening Committees – North American and Women’s – which review individual nominees to select for further consideration (“Finalists”). An Honors Committee then reviews their records before voting to either elect or deny Enshrinement to each Finalist nominee. These Honors Committees consist of 24 voting members including Hall of Famers as well as basketball executives and administrators.

Personal Life

Weddle is actively involved with breast cancer awareness efforts and communities with learning disabilities, as well as enjoying golf and basketball as hobbies, running frequently, and running marathons with his wife Chanel. Together they have four children named Brooklyn Marie, Gaige Leroy, Kamri Joe and Silver Jean.

Weddle is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having joined as a high school sophomore. He regularly attends Sunday meetings before football games and credits his faith with helping keep him focused during games.

Chanel Weddle holds a bachelor of exercise science and has extensive experience as both a personal trainer and strength coach for track and field athletes. Additionally, Chanel was employed as a fitness specialist at Abilene Air Force Base; additionally she was recognized with an Indiana All-Star basketball award during her playing days.

Net Worth

Even amid his distinguished football career, Weddle remains committed to his goals of supporting breast cancer awareness and communities with learning disabilities through philanthropy.

Experienced safety Michael is currently living with his wife Chanel and their children in Fontana, California. In addition to real estate investments he enjoys making in his free time he also plays basketball competitively in his spare time.

While in the NFL, Weddle would satiate his schematic cravings by coaching his son Gaige’s 12-and-under Pop Warner team. To maintain his fast twitch muscles, short area quickness, and reactive backpedaling as much as possible after retiring; Weddle also continues exercising daily.

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