Bcba Salary New Jersey

BCBA Salary in New Jersey

The average BCBA salary in New Jersey is $17,095. The salary levels of BCBAs can vary depending on the level of experience, skills, and where they are located. There are not many companies currently hiring for BCBA jobs in the state. The average increase in salary is $1,200 per year. New Jersey became the 14th state to enact autism insurance reform in 2009. This law covers medically necessary behavioral interventions based on ABA principles.

The demand for behavioral therapy services continues to rise in the U.S., as it has become the gold standard in autism treatment. ZipRecruiter reports that seven states pay more than the national average for BCBA jobs. In fact, seven states are more lucrative than others, with the average salary of $75,784 per year. Entry-level BCBA salaries are $51,000.

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