Beal Aerospace

Beal Aerospace Founder and CEO

Andrew Beal of Dallas could soon bring into space the world’s first low cost rocket.

Beal Aerospace, his privately financed company, marked an important achievement on March 4 of this year with the successful testing of its BA-810 Stage 2 engine – one of the largest liquid rocket engines built since NASA’s Apollo program.

Early Life and Education

Beal began earning money during his early college years by working both daytime truck driving and nighttime barge loading for Lumber Land Transport Company. These experiences taught him the value of hard work, setting an ethos which would shape his professional path.

On March 4, 2000, Beal Aerospace successfully conducted its most impressive liquid rocket engine firing since Apollo in the 1960s. The 810,000-pound vacuum thrust hydrogen peroxide/kerosene stage 2 engine known as BA-810 completed a 21 second firing at their test facility in McGregor, Texas.

Beal’s vision was for a private company using simplified designs and entrepreneurial business management practices to produce reliable large-scale rockets for commercial use. Unfortunately, however, his vision ultimately failed in 2000 due to the decline of Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation launch market and NASA’s active measures against competing systems.

Professional Career

At every responsibility he’s held – from commanding strike-fighter squadrons and leading the Navy’s largest reserve training wing, to being deputy commander for Navy Recruiting Command – each has provided him with opportunities to lead and develop teams while cultivating an engineering mindset of problem solving. He attributes this success to his Purdue education which included teaching him “data-informed, logical process based” thinking as well as upholding rigorous standards of excellence in his work ethic.

He has become an adept businessman, capitalizing on market instability by buying assets when they are cheap and selling them later at higher prices. This practice has paid dividends at Beal Bank which boasts an 8.1% return on assets over industry average and 37 branches spread throughout the US.

Achievement and Honors

Beal Aerospace was established in 1997 with private funding to develop commercial satellite launch vehicles. Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, they designed and constructed the BA-810 stage 2 rocket engine – boasting 810,000 pounds of vacuum thrust, making it the most powerful liquid rocket engine produced since F-1 engine used on Saturn V rocket that carried astronauts to Moon in 1960s.

Beal Aerospace declared bankruptcy due to difficulty competing against government-subsidized launch systems like those provided by NASA, as its deep pockets made competition impossible without forcing them into merging with an agency such as theirs.

Commander Beal is very proud of the achievements of her squadron’s cadets, especially over the past several months when all Achievements needed for promotion have been met and many even earned their Yeager awards.

Personal Life

Beal was raised in Lansing, Michigan with his mother who worked for state government and his father – an industrial mechanical engineer – as his caretakers. While still young he earned money by mowing lawns, installing security systems in apartments, and selling used televisions. Later he established his own company which physically moved houses and managed rental properties.

Beal Aerospace was established in 1997 to develop the BA-2 engine and heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle, but eventually had to close due to NASA’s deep pockets with their Evolved Expendable Launch System (ELS).

Beal prefers to remain under the radar, yet is known for his mathematical talents and has taught himself number theory. He once challenged 16 of the world’s premier poker players in high-stakes games. Furthermore, Beal holds liberal beliefs regarding limited government; both he and his wife reside in Highland Park, Texas.

Net Worth

Beal has an estimated net worth of $10 billion and has donated millions to schools and non-profit organizations in order to advance STEM education, encourage more children to explore science and math careers, and ply his trade of poker against professional opponents. He also holds regular high stakes poker tournaments where professional poker players often play against him in high stakes games.

Beal Aerospace was formed in 1997 by Beal to manufacture rockets to launch communications satellites into orbit. Operating out of Frisco, Texas at 163,000-square-feet space in Frisco Texas; Beal developed a 200-foot tall rocket engine powered by kerosene and hydrogen peroxide fuel; but closed due to difficulty competing against government subsidies given to NASA for funding purposes.

Beal pursued his interest in real estate by purchasing and renovating properties to sell or rent, while playing high-stakes poker games in Las Vegas.

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