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Nat Faxon – Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Director

Nathaniel Wales Faxon, more commonly known by his stage name Nat Faxon, is an American actor and comedian. Additionally, he has written and directed multiple movies; for which he won an Academy Award (in particular The Descendants screenplay).

He and Meaghan Gadd have been married for more than 15 years and together they have three children: Otis is their only son while Ruthie and Beatrice are two of their three daughters.

Early Life and Education

At an early age, she worked as a model for Holiday Inn hotels and commercials from brands such as Swiffer Duster, Saturn and State Farm. In Omaha Community Theater plays, she acted as spokespersons for products including Heineken, Joe Buck and Blockbuster – among many others.

Once she graduated high school, she relocated to Los Angeles and studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute. Her father Steve Faxon is an expert in real estate business with decades of experience under his belt.

Nat Faxon is an American actor, director and screenwriter best known for his roles on Married and in The Way Back as well as lending his voice for several animated movies and television shows.

Professional Career

Faxon started her career performing with The Groundlings’ improvisational comedy troupe and has gone on to appear in several films and TV shows such as Rude Awakening. Additionally, Faxon has written scripts for numerous brands like Holiday Inn hotels, Swiffer Duster, State Farm and Heineken; in co-writing The Descendants screenplay alongside Jim Rash and Alexander Payne she was nominated for an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Nat is married to Meaghan Gadd, daughter of American drummer Steve Gadd. They reside in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts and prefer not to share much about themselves on social media or at events; nonetheless they have two daughters together.

Achievement and Honors

After some years, Otis Faxon joined their family, followed later by Ruthie and Beatrice Faxon. All four kids are doing great and frequently appear on actor’s social media.

Nathaniel Wales Faxon has earned wide acclaim for both his acting and writing talents. He has appeared in multiple TV series and films as an actor or voice talent; moreover he has voiced multiple animated characters for their voice talent needs. Faxon received several accolades for his efforts including winning an Academy Award for Best Writing: Adapted Screenplay in recognition of The Descendants adapted screenplay project.

Meaghan spent all four years of her college career playing on the Tiger women’s basketball team and twice reached the NCAA Tournament as part of that team.

Personal Life

Nat Faxon is an accomplished actor and screenwriter. He is best known for his roles on Married and the film The Way Way Back; additionally, together with Jim Rash and Alexander Payne he co-wrote an Academy Award-winning screenplay called The Descendants which won them both an Oscar Award.

His wife is Meaghan Gadd, and they share three children: Otis, Beatrice, and Ruthie. However, the couple prefers to keep their personal life private.

He possesses a muscular physique that most Americans admire. Standing at 6 feet and weighing approximately 75 kg (165 lb), his impressive physique may be attributable to proper diet and workout routines. Furthermore, the actor from Club Dread enjoys family life happily married life with his wife.

Net Worth

Faxon earned a commendable sum as an actor, comedian, director and screenwriter. Additionally, he’s an established voice artist who has contributed his talents to several animated movies and series.

Nathaniel Wales Faxon, more commonly known by his nickname Nat Faxon, possesses an estimated net worth of around $6 Million. This wealth was amassed through a combination of income streams he generated as an actor on television series such as Criminal Minds as well as investments he has made in various businesses.

He married Meaghan Gadd, daughter of drummer Steve Gadd, in 2007 and they now share three children; Otis, Ruthie and Beatrice. Together the family are enjoying life together; all three children attend excellent schools while Otis can often be seen posting updates from social media accounts for updates about them all. Club Dread actor Paul is of moderate height with a masculine physique.

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