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Abe Vigoda

Actor best known for playing Sal Tessio in The Godfather and Phil Fish on Barney Miller, as well as avid handball player. Frequently made appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Robert was married to Sonja Gohlke and Beatrice Schy, the latter of whom died in 1992. He is survived by one daughter and three grandchildren as well as one great-grandson.

Early Life and Education

He was also cast in numerous television movies and daytime soap operas, most notably The Godfather and Barney Miller where his performance propelled him into fame. Additionally he could be found on shows such as Mad About You and Touched by an Angel.

He was married twice and had one daughter with both wives – Sonja Gohlke was his first and died in 1992 while Beatrice Schy died later that same year. His legacy includes one daughter, three grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Vigoda has kept much of his personal life private and has not revealed much information regarding her background or education. However, she has been known to enjoy handball and was nearly champion during her youth. Additionally, Vigoda is known to possess a great sense of humor while remaining polite at all times.

Professional Career

Abe Vigoda had several small roles on TV and in New York theater productions prior to being cast as Sal Tessio in The Godfather, for which he received critical acclaim. Vigoda became particularly acclaimed as Phil Fish on Barney Miller, winning audiences over with his cantankerous character that won him over quickly.

Vigoda was married twice and left a legacy that includes one daughter named Carol with each partner; first husband Sonja Gohlke shared one daughter while Beatrice Schy passed away in 1992.

Schy excelled academically throughout high school and earned her bachelor’s degree at a state university in America, remaining private about her personal life and keeping it off limits to those outside her immediate circle. As an American citizen and white individual she lives alone.

Personal Life

After their marriage, they gave birth to Carol Vigoda, which the couple kept private despite living close by revealing some details of his life to the media. He kept his personal affairs close by not providing details about his family life or grandchildren to any outlets such as Forbes Magazine.

Prior to his big break in The Godfather as Salvatore Tessio – ordered to be killed off by Michael Corleone in order to secure power – he appeared in various television and stage productions in New York and had minor roles on Barney Miller as Phil Fish, an cantankerous senior detective.

He was an enthusiastic jogger and fitness enthusiast, enjoying good health throughout his life. On January 26, 2016 at age 94 – due to natural causes – he passed away at his daughter’s house. An American citizen by birth, his body was laid to rest at Beth David Cemetery in New York City.

Net Worth

Abe Vigoda has gained immense recognition through his incredible acting career, garnering him great respect and affection among fans and followers alike. Additionally, his vast fanbase adore him immensely. Outside his career life is family life: husband/father to Carol Vigoda whom he previously married Sonja Gohlke with whom they share one daughter but eventually parted ways after not lasting very long in their union; soon thereafter he married Beatrice Schy.

They married in an impressive wedding ceremony in 1968. She is a citizen of the United States and earned high scores upon graduating high school, as well as earning a bachelor’s degree from one of its state universities in America.

He died peacefully at age 94 on January 26th 2016.

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