Becky G Without Makeup

Becky G – A Selfie Without Makeup

Recently, Becky G shared a photo without makeup. She didn’t even have contours on her face. And her hair was untidy. She was clearly training as she was wearing training videos and sportswear. The photo was posted in her Instagram stories, which are exclusive to followers. She is still wearing makeup, but it is not enough to hide her unattractive features.

Becky G’s spontaneous attitude has helped her build a solid synergy with her Instagram followers. She has more than 30 million followers and shares the intimate details of her artistic career. The recent selfie she posted, without makeup, was well-received and received many positive comments. The singer’s fans love her authenticity, and the comments have echoed this sentiment. Her followers should follow her example and see her candid side.

While Becky G is mostly known as a singer, she also loves to experiment with her makeup. Becky recently launched a cruelty-free cosmetic line called Tresluce Beauty. The line was inspired by Becky’s Mexican heritage. Its packaging embodies diversity in Latinidad. She is a big advocate of natural beauty, and her makeup line is available in select Ulta locations. This beauty line is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Araceli Beauty and Tresluce Beauty both use agave in their makeup products. Araceli Beauty and Becky G’s own Tresluce Beauty brand have pop-up stores in Jalisco, Mexico. Both brands sell their products at their respective stores. These products are made from agave, which Mexican women use as a main ingredient. Becky G explained in her Instagram video that the company was inspired from her personal life. Becky G denied that she copied the idea from an independent cosmetics company.

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